Experts in Front Line Leadership

Developing a Vision for Your Team
3 Steps to Help You Develop a Vision for Your Team Some people say the job of a front line leader is pretty easy — as long as you have all your team members report for work, with the necessary skills, your machines and equipment work properly, your raw materials are good[...]
How to be Consistent with your Fellow Leaders
When leaders aren’t consistent with one another, it can have a negative impact on team member morale, on the company’s performance and on fellow leaders. The most frequent areas of inconsistency are the enforcement of company rules, policies and procedures and the way the leaders interact with their teams. Some[...]
How to Solve Problems as a Team
Getting your team to help solve problems together will tend to yield better solutions and greater buy-in when it comes to implement the solutions. In some of our leadership modules, we use a survival simulation so that leaders can experience, in real time, the pitfalls that impact the decisions teams[...]
Tips for Cross Training Your Team
Having a flexible workgroup that can adapt to fluctuations in workload will make it easier for you to schedule and complete the work your team faces on a daily basis. Cross training also helps your employees feel more valuable because they can perform different job tasks. It also adds a[...]
How to Manage Millennials
A lot has been written about the differences in managing millennials. Here are some practical changes you can make as a leader, to manage the younger members of your workforce. First, remember that millennials are also known as generation Y. And Millennials are least likely to like being called a[...]