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Combating Entitlement
 In this edition of Leader Feeder, let’s look at how you can combat a culture of entitlement. What is entitlement? Entitlement can be defined as thinking you deserve something, without having to actually work for it. Working for something (and achieving it) creates a sense of satisfaction; there’s nothing[...]
Confronting Body Odor Issues
 Read, watch, or both: the following is a transcript of the above video. Personal hygiene and body odor is a sensitive subject. Most leaders tend to feel anxious when they have to confront an employee about this. How to confidently address hygiene in the workplace. ​ First of all, let’s agree that body odor and personal hygiene can be embarrassing to[...]
Dealing With Accusations
 Read, watch, or both: the following is a transcription of the video above. If you’re a front line supervisor or manager, occasionally someone’s going to make some allegations that might turn out to be totally false and inaccurate. How should you, as a leader, respond when somebody levels an[...]
Managing Insubordination
 Watch, read, or both: the following is a transcription of the video above. Dealing with insubordination is something that you might run into as a front line supervisor, manager, or even as an executive. We’re going to look at what insubordination is, and what you should do about it[...]
Balancing an Open Door Policy with Respect for Chain of Command
Read, watch, or both: the text below is a transcript of the video above. We’re going to look at the open door policy, the chain of command, and how you respect that. As a front line leader or a senior manager, you want to encourage people to come and talk[...]
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