Experts in Front Line Leadership

Creating a High Performance Team
Ingredients to Make a High Performance Team Think about some of the teams you either lead or belong to. Do some of those teams have a better feeling than other teams? Do the teams that feel better tend to perform better and generate better results? Most people say that teams[...]
How to Avoid Micromanaging
Three Tips to Help You Avoid Micromanaging No one likes being micromanaged but many people report being micromanaged. So how do you, as a leader, ensure your team achieves the desired results without having to supervise every little detail? If you’ve ever gone on a road trip with young children,[...]
How to Solve Problems as a Team
Getting your team to help solve problems together will tend to yield better solutions and greater buy-in when it comes to implement the solutions. In some of our leadership modules, we use a survival simulation so that leaders can experience, in real time, the pitfalls that impact the decisions teams[...]
Tips to Improve the Hand Off Between Shifts
More and more, production facilities operate across multiple shifts. This requires good coordination to ensure a smooth transition from one shift to the next. Many companies will use written shift notes to communicate key highlights from the previous shift. The shift notes are inadequate for one major reason — most supervisors don’t[...]
Three Tips to Avoid Silos
Silos can form in your organization where there is unintended competition or rivalries between departments, production teams, locations and shifts. Think of a grain silo sitting outside a barn in the country. The function of the silo is to separate and protect the good contents on the inside and keep away[...]