Experts in Front Line Leadership

Reducing interruptions to be able to get important work done
Many leaders say they have trouble getting to their most important tasks because they’re constantly interrupted throughout the work day.  In addition to the daily volume of emails and phone calls, having team members coming by your office with questions, issues or in constant need of approval can be a[...]
New Supervisors: Technically Competent but not Leadership Competent
The vast majority of new front line supervisors are promoted from within based on their technical skills. They quickly learn that it’s the people dynamic that can be the most frustrating and stressful. One study revealed that most leaders are on the job for 13 years before they get access[...]
The culture of your organization will either ensure your long term success or potentially leave your organization vulnerable to external threats. An effective culture leads to innovation, agility, great customer service, higher profit margins and high employee engagement. A weak culture creates and reinforces resistance to change, erratic financial performance,[...]
After nearly five years since my last flight as a private pilot, it felt great to get out flying again with an instructor. It was amazing how much past knowledge came back so quickly. That shows the power of repetition from the original flight training nearly 10 years ago! And[...]
Should a leader apologize when he or she makes a mistake, or is it a sign of weakness? In the front line leadership course we have two case studies on balancing friendship and leadership. This is a unique situation faced by supervisors and team leaders who have been promoted from[...]