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Buying Into Change
A common leadership challenge is to motivate your leaders to buy into change. The reality is that change is constant and it is accelerating. Today’s change becomes tomorrow’s normal. As a leader, you’ll want to remember these three tips to help you and your team buy into change. Tip #1[...]
New Supervisors: Technically Competent but not Leadership Competent
The vast majority of new front line supervisors are promoted from within based on their technical skills. They quickly learn that it’s the people dynamic that can be the most frustrating and stressful. One study revealed that most leaders are on the job for 13 years before they get access[...]
Missed Opportunity to Motivate with Metrics
How did one client boost output on one of their production lines? Simple, it began with the question, “At what speed is this machine designed to run?” The answer was surprising – the machine was running at 30% less than it could have been running. There can be some good[...]
Open Issue Irritation
Open Issue Irritation As you move towards building a more constructive and engaging culture, one area that can positively impact employee engagement is how well the supervisors and managers identify, record, implement and close-out employee suggestions, issues, questions and concerns. Also, if too many issues and concerns drag on and[...]
You’ve likely heard the expression, “What gets measured, gets managed.” And companies have improved their capability to measure dozens, or sometimes hundreds of data points that reflect how the business is performing. Unfortunately, managers are falling into the trap of “teaching to the test” which means that they harp on[...]
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