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How Many Great Leaders Have You Worked For?

During training workshops this week with health care professionals and team leaders and supervisors with a successful printing company, I asked, “Out of all the bosses you have had in your career, how many would you consider to be great leaders?”

The average response was that only 1 or 2 out of 10-12 managers or supervisors exhibited strong leadership skills.

When asked, “What characteristics made the leader you admired successful?” the responses included:

  • Provided a challenge
  • Was supportive
  • Showed appreciation for a job well done
  • Had confidence in me that I did not have in myself
  • Made the job fun
  • Was a good communicator
  • Was a good listener
  • Approachable
  • Good coaching skills
  • Sense of accomplishment/achievement
  • Knowledgeable

Then I asked the question, “Was the best leader you were thinking of ‘perfect’ or did they have flaws?” Everyone agreed that even the best leaders have flaws and that it wasn’t necessary to be ‘perfect’ to be a good leader.

There is a vacancy of leadership in society and in organizations. Leadership is not exclusively the job of executives, managers and supervisors. Every person influences the behavior and output of the people with whom they interact.

Decide to take your leadership role seriously. We are all counting on YOU!

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