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Handling Turnover and Retention
Let’s discuss how you, as the front line leader, influence the turnover and retention in your department. Turnover is very expensive for leaders and organizations. You need employees to want to come to your place of business to work. You also need them to stay with you, so you can[...]
New Manager, New Department
We’re going to look at the challenges when managers are assigned to new or different locations, departments or divisions inside your company, what’s good about it, and how to approach making changes. If you’re reassigned as a manager to a different department, location or division, you might want to show[...]
Smart Manufacturing – Smart Supervisors
As technology accelerates, many producers are embracing smart manufacturing. As enthusiastic as you might be about implementing the new technology, not everyone will feel the same way. Involved in the process will be people such as continuous improvement coordinators, engineering staff, or IT people to accelerate the supply chain and[...]
Confronting Body Odor Issues
Today we’re going to talk about a sensitive topic. It’s personal hygiene and body odor. Most leaders tend to feel anxious when they have to confront an employee about this.  How to confidently address hygiene in the workplace. ​ First of all, let’s agree that body odor and personal hygiene can be embarrassing to talk about. However, most people with personal hygiene issues are unaware of it. They get so used[...]
Leading With Uncertainty
People are more likely to follow a leader who is truthful about their uncertainty than one who makes unrealistic promises. Many leaders think it’s their job to be certain when in reality things are very uncertain. How many changes have you implemented that went according to the original plan? Likely[...]
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