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Application Journal Examples

How participants have applied their learning

Unlike some courses where you get a certificate for simply attending, we require participants to document how they have applied the training to make their department better.

Imagine your front line leaders documenting these kinds of changes to their approach:

QuotesUpon getting back to work I decided to make some personal and practical changes in my management style and set upon making some goals to hit over the next couple months. One of my main challenges was to utilize my time better so that I could spend more time around my team and start building a better relationship with them. This was a lot easier than I expected, by bringing my work load out to the job I was able to meet with the guys and still get some paper work done.

Another goal I had set was to challenge the team to reach certain targets each week. By communicating my expectations and the reasons behind them we have managed to pick away at some of the lost time. I thought this would be difficult to achieve but was received rather well by the crew involved. These 2 main goals have led to accomplishing some minor goals such as better team building, better communication between me and team members, a more constructive and cohesive team and a more productive team. Greg; I would like to say thank you for a well presented course, It was very informative and will help me both at work and home.Quotes2


QuotesI noticed that if I walk into the room where my team is waiting in the morning for their work orders for the day and I am down or forget to say good morning to them, they right away start mumbling under their breath that I'm in a bad mood and not to bug me. But on the days that I enter and say good morning to everyone the whole room acts differently, everyone is happier and the day goes by better and quicker.

I was also faced with an issue where an employee was accused of doing something wrong. When I first heard about it I was very upset and if the employee was nearby, the conversation may have been bitter. But as you mentioned I waited to speak with him and by that time I had cooled down and the conversation was very humane and we were able to make things better.

Thank you for course. I found it very interesting and informative. I hope to see you at another course in the future.Quotes2


QuotesFirst of all I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your course. I was able to work with your approach to this subject better than I have with other training courses.The first area that I chose to apply was the topic of being positive as much as possible and to reduce the sarcasm in my approach to my team. With the positive approach I noticed almost immediately a change in the overall behavior and attitude of my guys, with the exception of a few. It became a lot easier to deal with several difficult issues in the past few weeks like reduced hours of work and some less then desirable work performance and outcomes. I have worked hard at reducing to a minimum the sarcasm in my life not only at work but at home.

I think that this has helped in a lot of my personal relationships as well as professional ones. I have changed my daily routine as well and have been able to increase my own productivity as well as some of my lower skilled team members. I started doing the morning "milk run" and touching base with everyone that I work with daily. It has allowed us to work out issues and timeline challenges ahead of time so they can be resolved with minor impact to our production. This is where I am at right now in my application of your training and I am planning on working in more of it over the next while. I am enjoying the results I have seen to this point and am looking forward to the challenges and results from applying more.Quotes2


QuotesMy first change was the use of nicknames and sarcasm which I have eliminated from my workplace vocabulary; I believe these two traits are very similar because at times nicknames tend to be disrespectful in nature as can be sarcasm. I realize now the changes in my co-workers in this short period of time, they seem to be a lot more receptive to me and unreceptive to those who still use this approach.

Over competitiveness can be very destructive and tiring on the team members; mistakes happen when you rush and feelings get hurt. By leading by example and distributing the workload over a few or more individuals I believe I have succeeded in convincing these members to work smarter, not harder.Quotes2


QuotesI've become more supportive to my team vs. being a completely hands-off leader. I dealt with a passive team member when a situation was critical in order to get results vs. ongoing problems.

Team member's anxiety disappeared and was able to discuss her issues calmly and professionally. Self-worth continues to increase with fewer outbursts. This worker tends to feel undervalued so I make a conscious effort to make my rounds throughout the day to my team which assisted two members to be more effective.Quotes2


QuotesI had a lot of difficulty confronting my employee because of his experience and aggressive attitude. I asked to sit down and have an open dialogue about what we like and find frustrating about each other.

I am more comfortable approaching my team leader to discuss problems and successes. He is more responsive to my requests because I have stopped frustrating him with labor changes. He is more open to share ideas with me. That's not to say we don't have disagreements but communication is vastly improved and feel far more at ease working with this person.Quotes2