September 2006 - Unique Training & Development

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On yesterday’s Leadership Wizard segment we discussed how to motivate next generation employees. Often mislabled as lazy, next generation employees demand much better leadership. If they don’t get it, they will find an organization that gives it to them. Managers will need to provide more positive feedback and encouragement and[...]
Think about taking all the quirks of most families and combine that with the challenges of running a business. Successful family companies know how to separate their discussions about family issues, business issues and ownership issues. Listen to the radio segment discussing this: Also, the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise[...]
One of the tips I shared on the air today was how important it is to learn how to take a compliment and how it can help reduce perfectionism. When someone compliments you do you say “Ah it was nothing.” Or do you make a self-defeating joke? That really takes[...]
A perfectionist is someone who is never satisfied with themselves or others. The bar is set so high, they drive themselves and others crazy because they are never satisfied. A moderate amount of perfectionistic tendency is okay. When we do assessments on managers, we compare them to thousands of other[...]
This week’s Leadership Wizard segment focused on how managers may inadvertantly punish their good performers and reward their bad performers. It can happen when the manager asks more from their good performer – like helping weaker employees, or when they reward the poor performer by offering them overtime or help[...]
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