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In the spirit of Halloween, this articles describes 16 management behaviors that are scary and destructive, along with some ideas on better leadership. Click on this link to read the article: Article on Scary Things Managers Do and Shouldn’t Listen to the audio clip from this week’s show: Copyright MMIX[...]
You likely know someone who is a blustery and autocratic manager. You also likely know someone who is aggressive on the outside and soft and lovable on the inside. This week’s topic focuses on the fact that the aggressive manager is really using that aggressiveness to keep people from seeing[...]
This week, we tackled the issue of Silos at Work. The fact that different departments take shots at other departments. This leads to wasted effort and a lack of teamwork. We even see managers participate in this behavior which does not help them or the company. What is needed is[...]
In Canada it is thanksgiving and so I wanted to share some ways to be thankful at work: To employeesTo your managerTo your customersTo your suppliersTo your family and friends For an article, go to www.LeadershipWizard.com. Listen to the segment here: Copyright MMIX Unique Training & Development Inc. All rights[...]
Today’s Leadership Wizard segment on AM800 focused on how managers create many of the time management issues they face. Often managers do not delegate effectively. The “I’ll do it myself” type of manager often takes on more work and blames the fact that their people are not good enough to[...]
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