January 2007 - Unique Training & Development

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Continuing with last week’s topic, I will recap the openness and directness scale and the Director and Socializer personalities. Then there are two personality styles that are more indirect and passive: Thinker – the thinker is indirect and less open – they like working on their own. They like being[...]
This week I thought we could look at different personalities at work. There are two main observations you can make to determine a person’s dominant personality characteristics: First – you can observe how open a person is – how readily do they share information, including personal information – are they[...]
Change is a problem at work because it disrupts existing habits. The subconscious mind memorizes routines we carry out regularly – this is why you can drive to work and not remember how you got there – your subconscious took over and memorized. This also explains why it is so[...]
As the new year rolls around, most businesses start a new budget year, usually with targets even higher than last year’s numbers. Many managers get a little anxious about how they can hit these targets. So let’s look at some ways that managers can replace worry with strategy and make[...]
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