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It is common, especially when employees are promoted into a management or supervisory position, they often have trouble with the transition from being a buddy to being a boss. Q: Do they become too soft on people, or too tough? A: It can be both, some let the promotion go[...]
One thing that differentiates leaders from everyone else is their ability to look beyond today’s challenges and set a positive tone for future success. This is not just putting a positive spin on gloomy news – this is seeing the possibility of future success and leading people there. Windsor has[...]
I had a listener ask me for some help on how she should ask for a raise at work. So I thought it would be good to tackle the issue of how to ask for a raise at work and also, as a manager, what to do when your employee[...]
As we approach an employment market where some of our most talented and experienced workers will retire, it will become even more crucial to attract and retain talented staff. So how attractive does your company rate? Do your leaders live up to the promises made during the recruiting and hiring[...]
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