July 2007 - Unique Training & Development

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In this segment I want to talk about some of the observations I have made about our experience at Disneyland and how it compared with some of the other theme parks we attended while in California. Many people from this area will have been to Disneyworld in Orlando. For those[...]
For the July 23rd Leadership Wizard segments on AM800 Q: Aren’t these off site retreats just an excuse for management to play golf and party? A: Well the answer is yes and no. The prime reason to do an off site retreat for the leaders in an organization is to[...]
For the July 16th Leadership Wizard Segment on Am800 Q: Why the focus on Lead Hands and Team Leaders? A: Not everyone knows what we mean by Lead Hand or Team Leader. A lead hand or team leader is usually a working leader – they work right along side their[...]
Topic for July 9th AM800 Leadership Wizard Segment Today’s topic discusses how companies, organizations and business owners are using performance coaches to help them achieve greater success. Q: What does executive coaching look like? A: Executive coaching is a one-on-one relationship between a manager and an external coach. For example[...]
In the spirit of the Canada Day holiday and the upcoming July 4th holiday, let’s talk about using your vacation time to relax, refocus and reenergize… Q: Most of us like vacation time – but some managers and business owners can’t seem to leave their work behind them, right? A:[...]
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