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Usually we focus our topics on the supervisors and managers and today I think we should celebrate the people who make things happen every day. Sometimes we talk about challenging or difficult employees – fortunately most employees are helpful and productive and want to do the best job possible. For[...]
Although I don’t want to rush the end of summer, with Labour Day weekend approaching, kids will be going back to school, and managers can take advantage of this tendency for themselves and their staff. In fact fall is our busiest season in the training business. For many businesses summer[...]
As parents we want the best for our children and I thought people would have an interest in grooming their children for future leadership. Q: Are people born leaders or are they groomed? A: The answer is a little of both. We are born with certain attributes and personality characteristics[...]
Things that business owners should not delegate. At the end of the interview I am announcing a no charge teleseminar for AM800 listeners on August 29th at 8 PM. Most of the time I encourage business owners and managers to delegate as much as possible to the people who report[...]
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