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Recently I was working with a supervisor who just wasn’t getting it. His people hated working for him, his boss was thinking of firing him or demoting him. He was in our leadership training program and yet he thought the course was stupid and refused to apply the course on[...]
We spend so much of our time at work that the people we work with are important people in our lives. And just like family they can be annoying sometimes or they can be a pleasure to work with. From interacting with thousands of people from hundreds of different workplaces,[...]
I’m hoping that many listeners have had the pleasure of working for a really great manager or supervisor sometime in their career. We can learn alot from the good manager’s we have worked for. As you are reading this segment I want you to think back to the best boss[...]
An effective leader is a person who is approachable. You want your employees to feel comfortable coming and talking to you so that you can keep the channels of communication open. A lot of people have the image of a strong leader being an island unto themselves: tough as nails and[...]
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