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Introverts are people who are more inwardly focused – it has been said that introverts find that other people take away their energy, while extroverts, who are more outwardly focused tend to get their energy from other people. Introverts will find that they need to spend time alone after being[...]
Just got back from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, bi-annual symposium. I spoke at the conference on the topic of “How I Nearly Ruined My Family Business and Lived to Tell About It”. Q: What is it that makes family business so unique? A:[...]
Topic is celebrating success – since we are celebrating Victoria Day in Canada and our American friends will have Memorial Day next weekend. Organizations do not take enough time to celebrate their successes. Build a Base Camp – When you are climbing Mount Everest, you don’t go straight to the[...]
A common complaint I hear from people is that they feel that management doesn’t listen to them, tends to impose decisions and doesn’t let them know what’s going on. Management on the other hand thinks that employees are overreacting, should adapt more quickly to change and thinks that they do[...]
As part of our leadership training, we use a coaching simulation to teach managers how to be coaches. Here are some of the insights from that simulation: 1. Good coaches don’t have to be the best players – In most professional sports, the coaches are not former elite players. Sometimes[...]
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