June 2008 - Unique Training & Development

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I am writing from Houston Texas where I just finished facilitating a team building program called the Pit Crew Challenge. This is an awesome program that uses a real Nascar racing car to teach some valuable lessons and I thought I could share a couple of those lessons. Coaching –[...]
In celebration of 100 episodes of the Leadership Wizard segment I thought we could look at the top tips that leaders should focus on to be effective: 1. Challenge and Encourage – The leader needs to be focused on helping their team members to grow and stay motivated and that[...]
One of the struggles when you are promoted to being a work leader or a supervisor is the likelihood that you will have to balance being a leader and being a friend. Q: Can you give us an example? Where this really can show up is when one of your[...]
An effective workplace can create a long term competitive advantage, helping you to satisfy customers, retain talented employees and maximize profits. How your employees answer the questions below will reveal areas of opportunity to improve your organization. Question 1: How well do you understand what is expected of you at[...]
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