August 2008 - Unique Training & Development

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Most companies focus on doing things faster and cheaper than before – are you saying this isn’t the best strategy? Many managers are using the rifle approach – focusing on how to deliver their products and services faster, better and cheaper. This nose to the grindstone approach can be detrimental[...]
In the spirit of the Olympic games, it is interesting to think about whether your performance at work would deserve a gold medal and how to achieve greater excellence. 1. Be absolutely clear in your vision and goal – Many of today’s medalists finished out of the medals in previous[...]
While we were in New York City, I attended the National Speakers’ Association Convention. There were 1,800 professional speakers and trainers from 10 different countries. As I sat through the sessions, I was reflecting on some tips for individuals to become better presenters in front of groups – whether you[...]
We have now visited amusement parks and other sites in Cincinnati Ohio, Williamsburg Virginia, Washington DC, and currently New York City and I want to talk about customer service. If you are in customer service or you manage an organization that deals with customers, here are some ideas to become[...]
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