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In challenging economic times, it is important to mobilize everyone to help boost sales. Here are some thoughts for managers, salespeople and employees on how to generate more business. Managers Look for opportunities to mobilize your staff to create more sales. Customer Service employees can look for new opportunities or[...]
There are a large number of people who are lacking in the self-confidence they need to move forward in their career so we will look at ways to boost your own self-confidence and how to boost the confidence in others. Each of these strategies can be used personally, with employees[...]
Sometimes we have the impression that being an effective leader means that we have to be macho when in fact taking a macho approach can actually hurt results. What Does Macho Mean? The tendency for a manager to think that they must always be tough, push hard for results, be[...]
With national elections in both Canada and the United States, the question on most voters’ minds is, “Who will be the best leader?” Business owners, managers and supervisors can learn from this scrutiny to strengthen their own leadership skills. While leading a department, division or company may not be in[...]
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