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Persuasion is Based on Rapport – and Rapport is based on thinking that people are like us. One way we tell this is whether someone uses similar body language and the pace at which they speak – if they talk slower than us, we think they are slow thinkers –[...]
Many people complain that there are too many meetings, the meetings are too long, poorly organized and don’t really accomplish anything. Let’s look at some ways you make your meetings more positive and productive: 1. Decide if you even need a meeting – The cost of meetings is extraordinary –[...]
Especially in these uncertain times, leadership requires faith. Faith is believing in something you cannot know for sure. We most often think about faith in a religious context. As a Christian I believe in God and Jesus Christ. In business, a manager or leader needs to have faith in these[...]
Everyone has a lot to be thankful for in life, whether things are going well right now or you are facing some personal challenges. Being thankful can help you innoculate yourself from all the negativity that comes with the volatile news – remember that if you just learned that your[...]
High Achievers will often find themselves promoted into leadership positions, in many cases they are fast trackers. In an interesting twist, their need for achievement can be their undoing. Making the transition from individual achiever to exceptional leader requires a new frame where the leader gets more satisfaction achieving results[...]
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