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As the holidays approach, many of us are going to spend more time than usual with family members. And while most of that time is going to be filled with joy, it’s possible that some family members might get on our nerves, so here are some ideas to keep conflicts[...]
Employees often take their cues from what the manager or supervisor pays attention to. Although bosses and parents might want employees and kids to “Do as I say, Not as I do” the reality is that employees are often paying attention to what their boss does, more so than what[...]
Some managers are too tough – they demand results and don’t care how employees feel. Initially, the tough manager sees results rise, however as time goes on, employees get demotivated and leave the organization. Results then start to decline and the tough boss gets even more demanding and a spiral[...]
Take the hassle out of performance reviews by utilizing SpriggHR online Performance Management software. Automating your performance management system ensures that management and employees participate in a review process that is fair, equitable, and consistent. Created with ease of use and practicality in mind, Sprigg lets your organization manage your[...]
During pilot training I had to practice instrument flying. The most difficult part of flying while only looking at your instruments is that your brain plays tricks on you. It makes you think you are in a banked turn even though you are level. If you follow your instincts, you[...]
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