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On the same day as Wiarton Willie, Punxsutawney Phil and five of their marmot-meterologist cousins in North American come out to predict how much more winter we’ll have, many managers keep emerging from their holes to see how much more economic winter we’ll have left. Typically if its clear and[...]
Organizations are successful when they have employees who get things done instead of just talking about what needs to be done. There are many more people who are ready to either tell you what’s going on or what’s wrong or what needs to get done – there are far fewer[...]
Sometimes we want to do the right thing and yet we get the opposite to what we wanted. Lets call it the law of unintended consequences: Every well-intended action could create exactly the opposite reaction. Let’s look at some leadership actions that can create a consequence that was unintended. Using[...]
We learn best from experience. Even though the school of hard knocks is time consuming and expensive, no amount of management training can completely prepare you for what you will experience as a manager. On your leadership journey, seek out and savour these valuable lessons: Enjoying Success and Experiencing Failure[...]
Now that 2008 is behind us, its time to get back to work and make 2009 better than ever. There are two areas that you can generate breakthrough results in 2009: 1. Customers In a difficult business environment, customers are very fragile and need to have good reasons to part[...]
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