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Recently I picked up a new coaching client and he left his previous employer because his newly promoted boss went from being collegial and consultative to being demanding and autocratic. The company lost a great executive and now has to find or promote a replacement and deal with that individual’s[...]
Imagine if your organization could take the best attributes of the best employees and replicate those behaviours throughout the organization. Chances are that a small percentage of your workforce generates a large percentage of your results. They sell more, screw up less, waste less and raise the bar for those[...]
Family owned and managed companies are responsible for the majority of economic output and pay cheques in Canada and around the world. For family members working or managing in a family business environment, there are some special challenges and opportunities. What are the things family members need to be aware[...]
You would think that in times of uncertainty, people from different departments would be even more cooperative than usual to make the organization successful. Instead people can become more defensive and difficult because they want to protect their turf. The result is bad for customers and the company’s bottom line.[...]
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