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Managing Change is an oxymoron. Change is not something to be managed. By definition, management is focused on efficiently applying resources to achieve pre-determined standards. Deviation is something to be reduced or eliminated. Change, on the other hand demands deviation from standards towards something new. If your organization is experiencing[...]
There’s nothing like a full blown crisis to finally bring out the leadership that was missing in an organization. General Motors is finally having to confront the reality of becoming a smaller company with two profitable divisions and a lot fewer employees and dealers. The CAW and UAW have been[...]
It was August 2006 when I received the good fortune to be a weekly guest on one of Canada’s top rated news stations AM800 in Windsor, Ontario. Jason Moore, News Director and Keith Chinnery, Program Director made it happen and the profile I received in Windsor/Essex was incredible. Morning Drive[...]
Likely you have heard the latest buzz about Twitter. After resisting it I finally took the plunge. Twitter works similarly to a text message from your cell phone. It is 140 characters long and a record of your posts is kept on your Twitter page. Unlike a cell phone text[...]
Does your manager give off mixed messages that leave you dazed and confused? In my work with various companies and organizations I have found a big difference from what the boss thinks he or she is saying and what people in the organization are hearing. So let’s look at some[...]
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