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Managing Conflict is one of the top internet searches that brings people to our website. Most clients have the topic included in the leadership training we provide to managers, supervisors and team leaders. Many workshop participants associate the word conflict with negative words like arguement, war, battle, disagreement and frustration.[...]
Have you ever imagined being the author of a non-fiction book? The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Southwestern Ontario Chapter is presenting publishing guru Dan Poynter from California on Saturday, May 23rd in London, Ontario. As a personal endorsement it was Dan Poynter who inspired my father Irwin and[...]
Leaders are expected to remain proactive and positive in challenging situations. When everyone around you is losing hope, your job is to re-ignite the spark of future success. Hopelessness is one of the worst feelings a human being can feel. At a joint meeting between the Rotary Club of London[...]
How can you increase your probability of promotion so that when the next opportunity arises, you are seen as the ideal candidate to earn the promotion? Visibility and Intention: An individual working for one of my clients was passed up for a challenging new assignment. Her boss didn’t know she[...]
A client did an experiment. In their food processing plant they measured the time it took for a rumor to spread from the front office to the shipping dock. It took only 20 minutes. In the meantime managers get frustrated when their message takes weeks, months or years to spread[...]
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