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Is your company experiencing revenue decreases because of the current business environment? You’re in good company and so we’ll look at some straighforward strategies for leaders to improve sales in the short run and set up opportunities for the long term. What business owners, general managers and sales managers are[...]
We’re noticing that during the recession, many companies and their leaders are in a funk. Business isn’t as fun as it was in the early days and results aren’t what they were in the good times. So we’ve designed a new workshop and there is the potential for 100% government[...]
Is your organization better off stealing star employees from a competitor, parachuting a leader in from outside or would it be better to grow your own stars and develop leadership from within? That was the question being addressed by a session presented by the Richard Ivey School of Business at[...]
We just formed a Group at called Be a Better Leader. If you are a manager, supervisor, team leader or a career minded individual or just curious about leadership, you are invited to join the group. We have posted three discussion topic threads to begin the conversation: 1. What[...]
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