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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet lots of great people who have survived working in a toxic corporate culture. A toxic company culture takes its toll on individuals and bottom line results.   Just like with environmental toxins, some work place toxins get to you quickly, others[...]
Do you have some employees or co-workers who think of themselves as extra special, indispensible and untouchable? Their superior attitude often ticks off the people who work with them. So today we look at the right and wrong way to deal with prima donnas in the workplace.   Dealing With[...]
Do your customers keep pressuring you to reduce prices by saying that they are getting more favourable terms from your competitor? It is in the buyer’s best interest to convince you that what you provide is a commodity. That way, they transfer more profit margin from your company to their’s.[...]
At a gut level we know that leadership is important and necessary. As I think back over the many bosses I worked for, only a small fraction exhibited good leadership skills. And those good bosses… I still think back fondly on how they helped me along my career path. Even[...]
Being the boss isn’t as glamorous as it used to be. For a little extra pay, a little extra flexibility and an elusive sense of control, managers take on the stress of being accountable for the performance of the workgroup and leave behind many of the activities that used to[...]
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