January 2010 - Unique Training & Development

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In the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to work with three companies that are each leaders in their respective industries. In each case, the products and services they offer, the people who work for them and the way they conduct business are all first rate.   And[...]
Achievers can fall into the trap of check-mark thinking. They view corporate change as a to-do list. Mission statement – check, Vision – check, Told them what I expect – check, Metrics in place – check. The busy executive then moves on the other things because he or she thought[...]
What do people really think of you? Do you even care? Do you care too much?   Many of the managers and executives I coach and train start off by being surprised and maybe even slightly insulted to think that they need to improve their leadership skills. After all, they[...]
A lot of money is made in the “self-help” industry from promising people “quick and easy” ways to achieve success. In fact I challenge you to pick up a business book or “how to” book that doesn’t have the words quick and easy on it. They wouldn’t sell as well[...]
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