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I was reflecting back on some pre-training interviews with different organizations in the past two weeks. One theme was common – lack of positive feedback.   Of all the leadership tools at the manager’s disposal, positive feedback is one of the least expensive and highest payback actions. Instead of focusing[...]
One confusing aspect of leadership is that even with the best of intentions, you might end up creating the exact opposite reaction.   I have experienced this many times as a husband-in-training. We’ll examine the most common leadership missteps you might not even realize you are committing.   Even well[...]
I decided to buy a new vehicle and am selling my 2005 Buick Allure CX. It has 153,000 km (mostly highway) from all the driving I do to and from client meetings and training sessions. I’ve kept the car well maintained and just had it professionally detailed so it is[...]
I had some exciting news last week. The book I co-authored with my father Irwin reached number 8 on the Globe and Mail Business Books Bestseller List.  The book is Employees Not Doing What You Expect and has now been published in India, Latin America and Korea. Now we return[...]
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