June 2010 - Unique Training & Development

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With the July 4th Independence Day in the USA and July 1st Canada Day holidays happening in the next week, let’s see what role independence has on employee motivation.   This week we celebrate independence in North America. How much independence is there to celebrate in your workplace?   A[...]
Is  it really worth it to bend over backwards to accommodate an employee who has a ton of knowledge and experience but brings little else to the organization? Over the years I have seen companies label individuals as “untouchable” because of their organizational history. This is despite clear evidence that[...]
It caught me by surprise to see a dramatic change in morale and attitude with a client I have worked with on a number of occasions. When I last met with them in early 2008, everything was very positive and productive. Then, just recently I came back in to do[...]
“My boss needs to take this course.” This is what we hear from supervisors and team leaders who take our front line leadership course. On the other side of the equation I hear the frustrations of senior executives as they question why the rest of the organization doesn’t “get with[...]
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