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Whenever a leader is within the sightline of his or her employees, communication is occuring. What message is your face and body language communicating without you even having to open your mouth? Communication continues to be a problem for virtually every organization. You would think that after recognizing the problem[...]
Do you want to be less frustrated at work? An engineering manager shared an insight in a leadership course I was teaching a couple of weeks ago. He said that being frustrated is simply a sign that you are avoiding dealing with an issue or concern.     Dictionary.com shows a[...]
When a great employee becomes a team leader, supervisor or manager, the transition isn’t always smooth. This week we examine some of the challenges and advice for moving from doer to leader.    Great workers can become mediocre leaders if they don’t acknowledge that some of the characteristics of being[...]
My daughter and I had our portraits drawn as caricatures. It is a cartoon-like mocking, exaggerated portrait.   Sometimes when you meet someone, you get the gut feeling that they are trying to be someone they aren’t. An overcompensation for a deep seated fear or anxiety.   As leaders, our[...]
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