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During our vacation this summer we spent a few days in Chicago and spent one of our days at The Field Museum. As we walked through a great exhibit on evolution a couple of quotations caught my eye along with a couple of observations of how successful species who are[...]
As you might imagine, as a paid expert on communication and leadership, I get some well earned ribbing at home from my wife Robin because of my poor listening skills as a husband and father. Once I made the comment that she just didn’t pay me as well as my[...]
Just got back from a couple of weeks of vacation, a large family reunion in Manitoba and a road trip there and back. A bit of excitement when my son Ryan, a new driver hit a deer that jumped out from the side of the highway. Fortunately he reacted quickly[...]
Your greatest success might be disguised. That was the case for William Wrigley, Jr. You recognize the name from Wrigley chewing gum. What you might not have known is that Wrigley started out as a soap company,  using chewing gum as a promotional giveaway inside the box of soap.  [...]
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