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No Pain No Gain
 Don’t shy away from struggle; it’s good for you and your team. Your growth and your team’s growth comes from the lessons they learn from their struggles. Leading can be a lot like parenting. You want to protect your kids from life’s challenges, but we all know that you[...]
Giving Your Team A Heads Up
 It’s no surprise that employees get agitated when requests are sprung on them at the last minute. Do you spring things on your front line workers at the last minute and then wonder why they react negatively? I want to talk today about the tendency for many production facilities[...]
Are You a Better Leader Than Your Manager?
 Leadership training can make you aware of much more than just your own leadership habits. Especially when you come to realize that you’re a better leader than your boss. Let’s tackle the subject of what happens when you’re a better leader than your boss. A participant in a recent[...]
Stop Ghosting People
 Not responding to emails, phone calls or requests could be hurting your reputation and career. There is a tendency these days for people to not get back to people. As you get busier and busier, it’s possible that you’ll start letting things slip, but being less responsive could be[...]
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