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Are You A Creator Or A Victim?
 How you react to the challenges you face says a lot about you as a leader. I’ve noticed over the years that some leaders play the victim card while other leaders create a future that is very magnetic and causes people to want to follow them. You can either[...]
Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea
 I want to confront something that companies, even to this day, still do, that I think is a horrible idea. Employee of the month. There’s different variations of this same concept. You might have crew of the month, team of the month, or location of the month. It all[...]
Retaining New Team Members
 Great news! You just hired a much-needed new person to join your team. But if you don’t do a good job making them feel welcomed, they likely won’t stick around. In a competitive job market, hiring people is tough enough, but keeping them is even more difficult. And organizations[...]
Taking Over After A Bad Boss
 It can be a challenge to follow a bad manager but you can help the team excel and enjoy a more positive future. How do you take over a department from a weak leader who preceded you? First of all, assuming that you’re going to be more effective than[...]
Motivating Multiple Generations
 Motivating Millennials, Gen Z, and more seasoned workers requires different approaches. This is a common question we’re asked: How do you motivate a multi-generation workforce, especially while integrating the millennials with the more seasoned workers in your group? First of all, retirements are accelerating. It’s estimated in the United[...]
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