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Curiosity & Experimentation Mindset
 How can you, as a front line leader, develop a mindset of curiosity and experimentation? Do you think in terms of curiousness and experimentation, or do you tend to be rigid and narrow in your thinking? One of the expressions I like is, “be curious, not furious” because being[...]
Cooling Off Heated Conflicts
 How do you as a front line leader, cool people down when they’re having an emotional or heated argument? Sometimes front line leaders struggle with knowing how to deal with two employees or team members who are having a heated argument. Being in a hot work environment, where people[...]
Own Management’s Messages
 As a front line leader, do you blame senior management or HR when you make an announcement to your team? It’s so important that you own the message you deliver to your team. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be liked by your team[...]
Use Projects To Make Improvements
 Do you think in terms of projects when making improvements in your department? You, as a leader, can embrace the concept of projects to move your department closer and closer to your vision of excellence. But before creating a project, leaders should have a vision first. Most, if not[...]
Avoid Standard Work Stagnation
 Is your organization suffering from standard work stagnation? Standard work and operating procedures can sometimes get out of hand. As a leader, you can put so much emphasis on them that it takes away some of the innovation and flexibility in your work group. Standardizing work is important in[...]
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