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Act With Urgency
 It’s important for you as a leader to act with urgency. Not only is it important for what you need to do as a leader, you also want to set the pace for your team and challenge them to get more done in less time. Remember that safety takes[...]
Buddy Buddy Boss
 Many leaders want to be best friends with the people who work for them, but is there a downside to being a “buddy buddy” boss? Let’s look at just how close your friendships should be when you are the leader of a group. First, let’s be clear: we want[...]
No More Maintenance Department
 Should you consider disbanding your maintenance department to integrate them with production? I realize this could be viewed as a controversial idea or statement. Leading companies are already looking at how to disband their maintenance departments and essentially assign those maintenance technicians to support the production line. Not all[...]
From Peer To Leader
 How do you transition from being a peer to being a leader? When you say yes to a leadership role, you’re going to be evaluated on how well you achieve results through others. Before being a leader, you only had to focus on your own work. I’ve got a[...]
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