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Staying Connected With Your Team
 It’s important to stay connected with your team as a leader, especially in uncertain times. Leaders have the tendency to become less supportive of their team in times of stress, when in fact they need to be even more supportive. When people are under stress, they have some interesting[...]
Motivate Others By Motivating Yourself
 Why do you as a leader need to motivate yourself in order to motivate others? Taking care of yourself and focusing on self-care is important as a leader so you can be motivated enough to engage your team. The reality is, just like everyone else, leaders can become demotivated,[...]
Keeping Focus in Uncertain Times
 How can you as the leader retain your level of confidence even in challenging times? The reality is that when you’re under stress and in uncertain times, it can test the resolve of many leaders to remain confident. Both about the short-term viability of the production environment, and the[...]
Get More Engagement From Your Team
 How do you as a leader set goals that maximize employee engagement? How high should you set goals so your team is the most motivated to achieve them? In the book Switch, How to Change Things when Change is Hard, written by Chip and Dan Heath, they tell the[...]
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