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What Kind of Supervisor Are You?
 What kind of supervisor are you? There is a big difference between a supervisor that does the bare minimum and one that is determined to thrive as a leader. At Unique Development, we have seen both. We have trained thousands of leaders from companies in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics[...]
Positively Impact Morale
 Does emotion trump logic, or does logic trump emotion? If one of your team members is upset, frustrated, and emotional, should you talk to them rationally and logically? Even the most logical people tend to be more emotional than they would like to admit. You can make more of[...]
Implement Your Resolutions
How do you put your leadership resolutions into action? Do you know which leadership lessons will help you make lasting change in your team? The reality is most people have ideas and aspirations, but they never build up enough traction to actually get started. They end up tossing their ideas[...]
Explore Your Options
 Do you know why you should consider your options?  You don’t want to narrow down your choices too quickly when solving problems or making decisions. My dad always told me when I was buying something, I needed to look at two or three different options. He was coaching me[...]
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