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Avoid Being a Micromanager
 Could you be a micromanager? How can you stop it? Most people who are micromanagers do not know that they are micromanaging. They think they are being helpful. Here are three things you can do to empower your team and reduce micromanaging: Declare your intent to be helpful. Overtly[...]
How to Improve Performance
 Could you show your team more attention as a leader? About 100 years ago in the suburbs of Chicago, Hawthorne, Illinois, there was research being done at the Western Electric Company. That research has become known as the “Hawthorne Effect” and has since been quoted in many management texts.[...]
Increase Performance Levels
 How do you move your team from being dysfunctional to being successful? There are a few ways to do so and to be more successful. A lot of this advice is based on Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and his follow up book called The[...]
Setting Expectations as a Leader
 How clear are you with your team? From our book, Employees Not Doing What You Expect, the number one reason that employees do not meet your expectations is because they’re unclear about what you expect. Here are three tips to help them understand and meet your expectations consistently: 1.[...]
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