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You Might Be A Micromanager
 No one likes being micromanaged, but could you be micromanaging without knowing it? Are you a micromanager? Or perhaps you’re micromanaged? I have asked the question, “Do you like being micromanaged?” many times. I have yet to find anyone in one of our classes who raises their hand and[...]
Stop Blaming the Old-Timers
 Your longer-serving workers might have a reason to be negative, but you can change that. Do you talk negatively about the long-serving employees in your organization? I was doing some work recently with a group of leaders, and we were discussing the need to stay positive even when surrounded[...]
Don’t Let A Promotion Go To Your Head
 A promotion is great, but many leaders aren’t prepared to face the challenges that come with it. Some new leaders let the power of a promotion go to their head with disastrous consequences. I can remember being cocky and overconfident back in my early days of leading a team.[...]
No Pain No Gain
 Don’t shy away from struggle; it’s good for you and your team. Your growth and your team’s growth comes from the lessons they learn from their struggles. Leading can be a lot like parenting. You want to protect your kids from life’s challenges, but we all know that you[...]
Giving Your Team A Heads Up
 It’s no surprise that employees get agitated when requests are sprung on them at the last minute. Do you spring things on your front line workers at the last minute and then wonder why they react negatively? I want to talk today about the tendency for many production facilities[...]
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