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Serve Colleagues Like Your Boss
 Most of us know you should work hard to keep your boss happy. Happy boss, happy career. But have you considered putting the same level of attention into keeping your colleagues happy? Some leaders avoid being helpful to their colleagues, thinking that their only job is to keep their[...]
Supporting Behavior Change
 When you give an employee feedback you have to always follow up. As a leader, how do you follow up on a corrective conversation to sustain the positive changes that you’ve asked an employee or team member to make? If they make the change, but you don’t recognize it,[...]
Doing Nothing Is An Option
 Not everything needs your immediate reaction. When do you know it’s the right time to do nothing? Most front line leaders are action oriented. They want to jump in, they want to fix things, they want to make a decision or solve a problem. However, sometimes being action oriented[...]
Are You A Creator Or A Victim?
 How you react to the challenges you face says a lot about you as a leader. I’ve noticed over the years that some leaders play the victim card while other leaders create a future that is very magnetic and causes people to want to follow them. You can either[...]
Employee Of The Month Is A Bad Idea
 I want to confront something that companies, even to this day, still do, that I think is a horrible idea. Employee of the month. There’s different variations of this same concept. You might have crew of the month, team of the month, or location of the month. It all[...]
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