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Motivation Mistakes

Greg Schinkel

Motivation Mistakes

This week’s Leadership Wizard segment focused on how managers may inadvertantly punish their good performers and reward their bad performers. It can happen when the manager asks more from their good performer – like helping weaker employees, or when they reward the poor performer by offering them overtime or help to finish their job. To […]

Communication Confusion

The Monday August 28th AM800 segment focused on the need to eliminate confusion and misuderstandings from communication. Typically we use vague terms when requesting other people to do something for us. We might say, “I need this right away!” which could be misunderstood to mean ‘sometime today’ or ‘in the next 3 minutes’. It is […]

Management Makeover Opportunity

As the Leadership Wizard on AM800 in Windsor, I am offering to provide some individual management coaching a “Management Makeover” if you will. If you know someone within the Windsor/Essex area who wants to enhance his or her leadership skills, please direct them to the website and follow the link on the left to […]

The Leadership Trap

This week’s AM800 segment was on the subject of the leadership trap. This is the trap that many new leaders (and many experienced ones as well) fall into. Basically the trap is that the manager solves all the problems and makes all the decisions. This stresses the manager and frustrates the employees. So what managers […]

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