Solving the Communication Gap

Greg Schinkel

Solving the Communication Gap

Solving the Communication Gap The team leader is speaking through a walkie-talkie at the construction site. Communicate

How can you ensure that your instructions are clearly understood?  We are going to look at the confusion that you can sow in your team when you give unclear instructions. In our Front Line Leadership Program, in the communications module, we do a little activity that I am going to recommend you try. Communication Exercise  […]

Develop a Workplace No One Wants to Leave

Develop a Workplace No One Wants to Leave We did it! Close up photo of builders shaking hands against cheerful colleagues while working together at construction site. Team work.

Do you create a positive, emotional connection with your new hires? You are probably grappling with what is called the “Great Resignation”. Many people are giving notice and changing jobs. The question, is why are they doing that and what are you going to do with your team to make sure that you can retain […]

Three Goals Every Leader Should Have

Three Goals Every Leader Should Have 2022 Goals, assorted Do It Yourself DIY tools and notebook on desk in workshop

What is the biggest part of a leader’s job that might not even be on their job description? Let’s look at key job responsibilities that you as a leader, need that are as important as the results that you are expected to generate. Most supervisors clearly understand what they have to generate in terms of […]