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Setting Expectations as a Leader
 How clear are you with your team about your expectations? From our book, Employees Not Doing What You Expect, the number one reason that employees do not meet your expectations is because they’re unclear about what you expect. Here are three tips to help them understand and meet your[...]
Communication Tips for Effective Leadership
 Communication is an age-old challenge in leadership. The good thing is, there are things that you as a leader can do to become more effective in your communication with your team. Effective communication will help you not only prevent problems and misunderstandings with your team but solve them when[...]
Interpersonal Skills & Leadership
 Should leaders place more focus on their technical strengths or their interpersonal capability? You might think technical skills are the most important skill sets to have, but it turns out that your employees will judge your leadership on your interpersonal skills. Think about the best manager or supervisor you[...]
Being Heard As An Introverted Leader
 If you are an introverted leader, you might feel your colleagues get more credit than they deserve, and you might not be getting proper credit and acknowledgement for the contributions you make. It can be irritating if you are a self-contained introvert and you are seeing your extroverted colleagues[...]
Leadership Tips To Avoid Bureaucracy
 Why is it that companies with more bureaucratic cultures tend to make a big deal about little things? You don’t have to be a government agency or a publicly funded institution to have a bureaucratic culture. Bureaucracy develops in many large established companies. A bureaucracy in and of itself[...]
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