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Being Heard As An Introverted Leader
 If you are an introverted leader, you might feel your colleagues get more credit than they deserve, and you might not be getting proper credit and acknowledgement for the contributions you make. It can be irritating if you are a self-contained introvert and you are seeing your extroverted colleagues[...]
Leadership Tips To Avoid Bureaucracy
 Why is it that companies with more bureaucratic cultures tend to make a big deal about little things? You don’t have to be a government agency or a publicly funded institution to have a bureaucratic culture. Bureaucracy develops in many large established companies. A bureaucracy in and of itself[...]
Dealing with Worker to Worker Accusations
 How should you as a leader, deal with worker to worker accusations? What happens when one worker tells you something that another worker might be doing? This can be a touchy situation for many leaders because the informant likely wants you to take action and say something to another[...]
Motivating The Younger Generations
 How do you motivate Millennials and Generation Z workers on your work team? One of the most requested topics from supervisors, managers, and team leaders is how to motivate the younger people in their work group. A lot of managers and supervisors tell me that it’s really tough to[...]
Don’t Be An Abrasive Leader
 What do you do if you’ve been told you’re an abrasive leader? How do you become less abrasive over time? Today’s Leader Feeder is part two of a series. The first one dealt with abrasive people that you interact with. But what happens when you’re the abrasive leader yourself?[...]
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