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Be Your Team’s Hero

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Be Your Team’s Hero

Be Your Team’s Hero Be Your Team’s Hero

 How can you as a supervisor be seen as a hero by your team? It might seem strange to be referred to as a hero, but in a way, it is the same way that a child looks up to their parent as a hero. The parent makes things happen, gives them what they […]

How to Deal with Difficult Employees

How to Deal with Difficult Employees how to deal with difficult employees

 How do you deal with employees who have short fuses? You likely know someone who has a short fuse. They end up blowing up over small issues, or difficult employees can overreact to an announcement that you make in your workgroup. How can you as a leader not allow that to aggravate you, and […]

What is Winning to You?

What is Winning to You? winning

 How can you focus your team on winning the day? Most companies want to win, and most team members want to win – but they don’t have a clear idea of what winning each day means. They are just going through the methods and processes without knowing that what they do is making a […]

Build Strong Relationships

Build Strong Relationships Build Strong relationships

 What do the people you interact with on a regular basis need from you, and how can you strengthen those relationships? If you can build strong relationships with everyone you interact with, it will make it a lot easier to get things done. You will be able to get things you need more quickly […]

Potential and Goals

Potential and Goals potential and goals

 What is the full potential of your operation? Focus your team on their potential and set goals high enough for yourself, and your team. By setting high targets, you can motivate your team to excel beyond what they think possible. Here are three tips to help focus your team on their potential: 1. Identify […]