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Positively Impact Morale
 Does emotion trump logic, or does logic trump emotion? If one of your team members is upset, frustrated, and emotional, should you talk to them rationally and logically? Even the most logical people tend to be more emotional than they would like to admit. You can make more of[...]
Get More Respect From Your Team
 As a leader, you must show respect to earn respect. Here are three tips to earn respect from your team by showing them respect: The first tip is to acknowledge people. When it comes to being snubbed, people are more sensitive than you might think. Something as simple as[...]
Clone Your Top Performers
 What if you, as a leader, could clone your top performers? Many leaders fantasize about having the ability to clone their top performers, so they have even more of them in their work group. Of course, we are not talking about a lab experiment where we extract DNA from[...]
Help Your Team Be “Right”
 How do you, as a leader, make your team feel “right” or good about what they’re doing, so they can build on those successes? It has been said that one of the basic human needs, especially in the workplace, is a sense of security that you’re competent and doing[...]
Let’s Talk Workplace Problem Solving
 Instead of complaining about problems, try converting them into projects to improve your department. Here are three tips for converting problems into projects. Tip number one: don’t just accept the problem, be determined to fix it. It can be tempting to complain about things that frustrate you instead of[...]
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