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Leadership Progression

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Leadership Progression

Leadership Progression Leadership Progression

 How do you make the shift from being a buddy to being a supervisor? Today, I am going to talk about a follow-up to a previous Leader Feeder called A Supervisor’s Growth Journey, that explored the leadership progression model. I got a lot of feedback from viewers saying that, in their opinion, their frontline […]

Attract Talent with Excellent Leadership

Attract Talent with Excellent Leadership Attract Talent with Excellent Leadership

 What if your leadership team was a competitive advantage for you to attract and retain talent? During the recruiting process you likely spend a lot of time telling a story about your company and how great it is to work there. But if one of the new employees comes in and they work for […]

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement continuous improvement

 Who should own continuous improvement? To begin, let’s examine a different question. Who owns your health? The doctor, or you? In reality, it is your health. You have to take primary responsibility for it, even if your doctor is your consultant or advisor to help you when your health is not as good. In […]