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Avoid These Disciplinary Mistakes
 Are you making these disciplinary mistakes? If so, you may be creating a worse situation with your employees. Correcting unacceptable behavior and performance is a part of a leader’s responsibilities. But as a leader, when you don’t do it well, you’ll end up more frustrated than before you started.[...]
Combating Entitlement
 In this edition of Leader Feeder, let’s look at how you can combat a culture of entitlement. What is entitlement? Entitlement can be defined as thinking you deserve something, without having to actually work for it. Working for something (and achieving it) creates a sense of satisfaction; there’s nothing[...]
Joy, Peace, Hope and yes, even Love at Work
Lately I’ve been more aware of the various stresses and worries that lurk just below the surface of many of my colleagues, clients and friends. Whether it is the stresses of work, illnesses of loved ones or personal health challenges, many of the people around you are likely facing similar[...]
Leaders are expected to remain proactive and positive in challenging situations. When everyone around you is losing hope, your job is to re-ignite the spark of future success. Hopelessness is one of the worst feelings a human being can feel. At a joint meeting between the Rotary Club of London[...]
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