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Leading A Virtual Team

Leading A Virtual Team virtual team leader

 How can you as a leader lead a virtual team? There are special challenges to leading a virtual team and ways that you, as a leader can be more effective with these challenges. The first thing to realize is that trust often erodes with distance, so the fact you’re not around those people and […]

Does Your Workplace Have Stupid Rules?

Does Your Workplace Have Stupid Rules? supervisor and new employee talking

 How can you get your newer employees to identify stupid rules? You could make your workplace more appealing and discover opportunities to improve things by tapping into the fresh perspectives that newer workers bring to the workplace. A new person joining your workplace is going to have a totally different experience than the employees […]

Should You Post Job Openings?

Should You Post Job Openings?

 Should you post job openings? Or should you just appoint the person you think is the best fit? If you decide simply to appoint someone to a position without posting it first, you’ll end up getting a backlash of negativity for not posting it for others to consider. It’s tempting to skip the job […]

When Results Miss Expectations

When Results Miss Expectations

 What do you do when results miss expectations? In other words, your team isn’t hitting their numbers. As a leader in an operational setting, consistently achieving results is your main objective. You’ve likely felt the pressure when your team isn’t hitting the numbers. And some bosses think that the right answer is to raise […]