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Make Promises You Can Keep

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Make Promises You Can Keep

Make Promises You Can Keep

 As a leader, you probably find yourself needing to make promises to members of your team. But, there are only certain promises you can actually make. Most leaders don’t try to be untrustworthy, it happens completely by accident. And usually because the promises that you’re making are not within your control to actually deliver […]

Creating a High-Performance Team

Creating a High-Performance Team

 A fragmented team rarely creates results. So, how exactly can you create a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration in your team? In one of our workshops, we have people take two minutes to brainstorm all the items they can think of that have a certain attribute or characteristic. We find that people will […]

5 Reasons a Simple Notebook is a Supervisor’s Most Valuable Tool

5 Reasons a Simple Notebook is a Supervisor’s Most Valuable Tool Front Line Leadership Training

Front line supervisors, managers and team leaders can have a positive impact on their success if they use a simple pocket sized notebook as part of their daily management routine. The most obvious use of the notebook will be to document issues that support progressive discipline but that’s only the beginning. Can the simple notebook […]

Conflict and change coexist

When you hear the word conflict, it has negative associations with words like argument, war, battle, and disagreement. In reality, conflict should be embraced as being essential to a healthy organization. The majority of employees (and many supervisors and managers) avoid conflict because of the assumption that conflict is destructive. Conflict is expected and desired […]