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Leadership – The Missing Ingredient Needed in Process Improvement

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Leadership – The Missing Ingredient Needed in Process Improvement

Why is it that most process improvement initiatives never quite pan out as advertised? Whether it is Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, ISO/TS 9000 – the end results often fall far short of the promise and potential. There is a crucial ingredient missing – Leadership. We’ll explore that more below. — Last week we ran […]

Engage to Change: Leading change requires focus in three areas

Why is it that many change initiatives are more stressful, time consuming and ineffective than they should be? Successful change requires the leader to engage the Head, the Heart and the Feet of employees in order to achieve lasting, significant change. A great book that discusses this topic in an entertaining and informative way is […]

Delayed Gratification

A lot of money is made in the “self-help” industry from promising people “quick and easy” ways to achieve success. In fact I challenge you to pick up a business book or “how to” book that doesn’t have the words quick and easy on it. They wouldn’t sell as well with the words “difficult and […]