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How Accountable Is Your Team?
 How accountable is your team? Do they act like owners or renters? Many people likely treat stuff that you rent just as well as stuff that they own, however, there are many situations where the opposite is true. Think about rental cars, for example, people are more likely to[...]
Become an Excellent Leader
 Should you strive to be the perfect leader? One question that we ask in our Frontline Leadership class is, “If you think back to all the leaders for whom you have worked, what percentage of them were good leaders and what percentage were not good?” Usually, it turns out[...]
Avoid Being An Abrasive Leader
 What’s the difference between being driven and being abrasive? You have likely met people who are very ambitious, and you may be one of them. However, there is a fine line between being driven and being abrasive. If you end up crossing this line from being passionate and driven[...]
Leaders Promoted from Within
 Congratulations, you just got promoted to be the supervisor of your work team, but how are you going to be successful in that new role? There are several challenges that face every new supervisor. Leading your former coworkers is one of them. After all, you used to work alongside[...]
Focus on Collaboration, Not Competition
 Why should you focus your team on collaboration and not on competition? Some leaders believe that employees will perform better if they have rivalries with other teams. They will have things like crew of the month or employee of the month, really thinking that if they are competing against[...]
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