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Act With Urgency

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Act With Urgency

Act With Urgency act with urgency

 How can you counter the drift of mediocre leadership and act with a sense of urgency? Do not delay in taking actions to boost your leadership effectiveness. Below, you can see a model on how to counter the drift of mediocre leadership. There is the current situation and a line to indicate the future […]

Shifting Your Leadership Approach

Shifting Your Leadership Approach shifting your leadership approach

 How should you shift your leadership approach to match what your team members need? Situational leadership is an adaptive leadership style. It encourages leaders to take stock of their team members, weigh the many variables in their workplace. And then they can choose the leadership style that best fits their goals and circumstances. Managers […]

Improving Culture Scores

Improving Culture Scores improve culture scores

 How do you influence the culture scores or employee survey results that your organization is gathering? It is tempting to look at employee surveys or culture scores as something that has nothing to do with you as a supervisor. However, the way that most employees judge the organization is very much influenced by their […]

Unlock The Secret To Top Performance

Unlock The Secret To Top Performance Manufacturing worker

 Should you think of your employees as athletes? Today, I want to talk about an article I read recently that talked about how athletes are conquering distance and whether you can apply some of those same concepts to elevate your team’s performance. The article was in the Wall Street Journal, and it talked about […]

Keeping Employees Motivated

Keeping Employees Motivated Keeping Employees Motivated

 How can you ensure that standardizing work doesn’t inadvertently cause your employees to become demotivated? When work becomes routine and repetitive, employees can lose motivation. Here are three tips to keep work interesting. The first tip is to avoid dumbing down the work. This can happen as you try to make things more standardized […]